Board of Trustees

As a charity, Beds SU is legally obligated to be overseen by the board of trustees. Beds SU Trustees consists of four full-time elected officers, two appointed student trustees, a university appointed trustee and four external trustees who are appointed based on their skills and experience. 

The primary role of the board of trustee is to ensure that our organisation is well run, has a robust strategic plan, is financially stable and operates within the Law. Management of Beds SU is delegated to the Chief Executive officer, who is supported by a senior management team and further staffing team. 

Current Board of Trustees 

Elected Officer Trustees

Laura Tamara - Co-President 

Quadri Yusuf - Co-President  

Dylan Cox - Co-Vice President, Campus Engagement & Equality

Catalina Nita - Co-Vice President, Campus Engagement & Equality  

Student Trustees

Winifred Soribe - Studying PGR (Doctor of Philosophy)

External Trustees

Tania Struetzel - Experienced Student Engagement Manager

Daniel Login - Experienced Student Engagement Manager 

John Dix - Company Director, Problem Solver & Strategist

Paida Mash - Experienced Accountant and Rebate Manager

University Appointed Trustee

To be confirmed

Minutes of Trustee Meetings