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Phone: 01582 743 221

Luton Office

Address: Campus Centre, University Square, Luton LU1 3JU

Bedford Office

Address: Polhill Avenue, Bedford MK41 9EA

Staff Directory

Exec Team

Laura Tamara | Email

Quadri Yusuf | Email

Dylan Cox | Email
Co-Vice President, Campus Engagement & Equality

Catalina Nita | Email
Co-Vice President, Campus Engagement & Equality

Senior Management Team

Mark McCormack
Chief Executive

Amy McLaughlan
Head of Membership Services & Engagement

Ann Binks
Head of Finances & Resources

Lisa Roerig
Head of Marketing, Communications & Business Development

Finance, Resources and Commercial

Sheila MacDonald
Finance & HR Officer

Margreta Simon
SU Front of House & Executive Support

Liis Tadolder-Bah
Commercial Development Manager

Jack Everett
Bedford Campus Manager

Heidi King
Café Manager

Communications & Marketing

Cassandra Power
Communications Manager

Matt Morelli
Digital Assets Co-ordinator

Insight & Campaigns Co-ordinator

Candy Cambell
Member Relations Co-ordinator

Jack Everett
Events & Marketing Coordinator

Membership Services

Stacey McPherson‎
Advice & Policy Manager

Misty Stokes
Student Advisor

Mick George
Student Advisor

Ursula Lavis
Societies Development Co-ordinator

Kristina Cartwright-Riley
Democracy & Engagement Manager

Lisa Player
Member Development Co-ordinator

Emma Young
Representation Development Co-ordinator

Kathleen Craig
Member Insight Co-ordinator

Change Campaigns Co-ordinator